Training Level 2


Bolster Chest Opener


The BYB Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga Training Courses are a shared experience filled with interactive demonstrations and hands on learning. We encourage our trainees to continue their learning and cultivate their passion to better serve and address whatever challenges your students may have.

Level Two BYB Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga Expert Training Course is a 12 hour course to enhance your skills and enrich your passion as you assist breast cancer survivors on their journey to reawaken the spirit, reconnect to the body and experience the breath. Materials Included: Course Outline, Muscle Assessment and Tracking Forms.

Note: Level One BYB Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga Specialist Training course must be completed before attending Level Two Expert Training Course.

Your training will include participation in a class with breast cancer survivors

Day One – Anatomy and Treatment

  • Updated research and types of treatment
  • Shared Teaching and community experiences
  • Anatomy in depth (muscle function of the shoulder)
  • Hands on – In depth muscle balance assessment of the shoulder
  • Muscle function (understand how muscles gets stronger, how muscles elongate)

Day Two – Interactive application and enhancement of observational skills

  • Interpreting in depth muscle balance assessment results and understanding what we can do to resolve them
  • Apply your new learning and observational skills as you review and practice teach the BYB Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga Lesson Plans
  • Brain function in relaxation/visualization