Julie Byrd and Amy Garratt are Recuperative Yoga  and Yoga AnatomyMaster Trainers and Experts.  They are the co-founders and Yoga Studies Directors of Balance Your Body Yoga and they run Texas Yoga Wellness in Houston, TX. Drawing on decades of professional experience in recuperative yoga and stress management, and a desire to provide more post-rehabilitative resources for breast cancer patients, they created the BYB Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga  Specialist Training Courses.  Their book, Yoga Lesson Plans for Breast Cancer Recovery, will be published in 2014. They are the co-hosts of the BreatheCure Conference and are on the board of BreatheCure, a Houston based 501(c)3 non profit organization.

Julie Byrd Forward Bend


Julie Byrd has been a renowned yoga instructor since 1990. She has a B.S in human biology and worked for many years as a chiropractor.  With decades of experience in Yoga, Tai Chi,  and Meridian Balance, she is the acclaimed expert that many yoga instructors seek out to help resolve their injuries and muscle imbalances.  She has worked with many athletes, including brahma bull riders, but her passion is teaching recuperative yoga to assist people on their healing path from injuries and chronic health issues.   An exceptional educator and an anatomy and nutrition expert, she teaches why and how we are different from each other and to honor and celebrate our individuality.   She teaches the skills  to identify our unique differences and the tools to bring each individual into a transformational state of harmony and balance.  Julie is an ERYT 500, Yoga Alliance Registered Instructor. She is an expert and pioneer in the field of recuperative yoga and yoga anatomy.   Along with teaching group and private classes,  yoga anatomy workshops and seminars,  she is also the yoga expert in the Pain Management Program at Memorial Hermann hospital in Houston, TX.

Amy Garratt Feather of Peacock

Amy Garratt is an  ultimate wholeness and health yoga expert.    As an international seminar presenter and expert yoga anatomy trainer, she has over 20 years training and experience in yoga, energetics, anatomy, nutrition, fitness and eastern and western philosophy.   Her pursuit of knowledge about the human body and human performance has led her to study different yoga styles, fitness programs and healing techniques. She is a sought after instructor, who teaches transformational yoga  from an intuitive and highly developed understanding and respect of the complexities of the human body. Through creativity, imagination and inspiration, she teaches to honor the wisdom of the body and guides each student on their journey to ultimate strength, health and well-being.   She believes in connecting deeply to the core, getting stronger with active and dymanic symmetry, improving flexibility with proportional strength, and being centered and present.  She is registered with Yoga Alliance as an ERYT-500 (highest level).

Yoga Sedona

The BYB Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga training courses are centered in Houston, TX where Julie and Amy have been helping breast cancer survivors privately, in their group classes and in their teacher training programs for many years.  They are currently involved in a clinical research trial to document the benefits of yoga for breast cancer patients.  They created the BYB Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga Specialist Training program to educate others in assisting breast cancer survivors on their journey to balance body, mind and spirit.   In addition to training in Houston, they travel and train in  cities worldwide.

Yoga Class Donations:

Amy and Julie are pleased to donate classes to charitable causes.   Organizations include:

  • Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga Free Class Series
  • Pink Ribbons Project
  • Burzynski Cancer Clinic
  • Pink Phurree Breast Cancer Dragonboat Team
  • Memorial Hermann Breast Cancer Survivor Group
  • American Cancer Society