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Yoga can help Breast Cancer Patients

Ongoing research shows that yoga can be extremely beneficial to breast cancer patients, reducing hot flashes, joint pain, fatigue, sleep disturbances and anxiety.  A recent report on CNN talked about a new study that shows that yoga can help patients sleep better, feel more energized and reduce sleep medications.  You can help breast cancer survivors  in their recovery by becoming a Certified Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga Specialist.

Training Program - The balance of body, mind and spirit
The BYB  Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga Specialist Immersion course is an interactive, two-day, 12 hour course.  You will learn essential knowledge and information that is fundamental to the successful evaluation and post-rehabilitation of the breast cancer survivor.

The center of training will be the balance of body, mind and spirit.  The training incorporates knowledge of anatomy,  functional exercise, shoulder post-rehabilitation, recuperative yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques.

This course is open to everyone, including physical therapists, occupational therapists, yoga instructors, lymphedema treatment specialists, nurses, fitness instructors, personal trainers, survivors, co-survivors and is also open to anyone who has an open heart and who would like to offer a healing path for breast cancer survivors.

Philosophy – Balanced Strength and Flexibility
The BYB Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga Specialist Training Course is a branch of Balance Your Body Yoga, (BYB) which offers yoga training courses, classes, workshops and retreats. Balance Your Body Yoga has a creative and compassionate philosophy and approach toward yoga. It is a modern yoga program that is designed to restore and maintain our body’s appropriate range of motion, create good alignment, optimize muscle balance and cultivate awareness for all levels.

Our Recuperative Yoga program was developed to offer a path toward wholeness and health for people after surgery or physical therapy or for those seeking the benefits of a gentle yoga program. The BYB Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga Specialist  Training Course was developed to serve the needs of post-operative breast cancer survivors.

Vision – Reawaken the spirit, reconnect to the body, experience the breath

Our vision is to provide more effective, post- rehabilitative resources for breast cancer survivors.  We hope that every breast cancer survivor can find a Certified Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga Specialist in their yoga studio, fitness center, community center, church, physician’s office, physical therapist’s office and/or hospital to compassionately assist them in their recovery, their transition to mainstream physical activity and  to guide them on their journey to reawaken the spirit, reconnect to the body and experience the breath.