Peaceful Relaxation – guided relaxations and meditations

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Your body’s natural relaxation response is a powerful antidote to stress. When practiced regularly meditation can lead to a reduction in your stress levels and enhance your feelings of joy and serenity.

 You are invited to explore simple but transformational techniques that will impact the deepest levels of your being.Created by Julie Byrd and Amy Garratt this cd contains over 50 minutes of guided relaxation and meditations.

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Yoga Lesson Plans for Breast Cancer Recovery is a book with a multifaceted, healing approach that centers on 3 key strategies to enhance recovery:

  • Yoga Postures with gentle, recuperative modifications to regain body range of motion.
  • Breathing Techniques to calm the mind and integrate the body-mind connection.
  • Relaxation to reduce stress and uplift mood so you feel happier.

Yoga is vitally important to improve flexibility, strength, posture and breathing and promote self awareness and relaxation. Authors Amy Garratt and Julie Byrd understand that recovery is a process and a journey. Discover the healing benefits of yoga with easy to follow lesson plans for gentle yet effective recovery. Along the way you will be introduced to some extraordinary success stories that will inspire you on your journey to wholeness and health.

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